You only get one chance to make a first impression. So getting off to a good start means everything.


Getting acquainted

We start off by getting acquainted. This means that we visit your business to get a feel for the atmosphere and to learn about your plans and goals. That way we can form a good impression of you, your business and your plans for the future.



We use all that information to create a briefing. We like to keep communication lines short. The designer needs to communicate closely with the exhibition stand builders and the account manager: this ensures that the creative process does not just result in a great proposal, but also takes practical and functional aspects into consideration.


Exhibition stand proposal

This approach is reflected in the exhibition stand proposal. We apply various perspectives to turn our initial ideas into a creative design. The project manager is already involved in this phase, because he/she knows exactly what is and is not possible at the venue. We consider factors like appeal, routing, material, colour scheme… Naturally, we make sure to keep an eye on the budget, and consult with you when necessary.


Presentation and offer

The next step on the way to the realisation of your exhibition stand begins with the presentation of our proposal and offer. We want to be as realistic as possible in our design and the ultimate result: in short, what you see is what you get. Our first proposal is the starting point from which we continue to build together, leaving ample room to refine the details and make any desired changes.


Building permit

In addition to the realisation of the exhibition stand, there are other things to take into account: applying for a building permit, electricity, fire safety requirements and rigging, for example. You can leave it all up to our project manager.



Our exhibition stand builders prepare the stand in our workshop, ruling out any unwelcome surprises on the exhibition floor. We regularly consult with you during the realisation phase. Changes, additional elements, questions about construction: we’re not afraid of any challenges, and we have everything from furniture and decorations to coffee machines in stock to make your life easier.


On the road

We believe in practical and sustainable transportation. That is why we load multiple stands for the same exhibition on the same transport. It’s more convenient, and saves money as well. We look after transportation and plan our journeys as efficiently as possible.


Construction and delivery

With everything already prepared in our workshop, our builders construct the exhibition stand on location, handing it over to you clean and 100% in accordance with the design. Our workers are professionals with a keen eye for detail: your exhibition stand not only makes a great impression on visitors, but also offers every convenience your staff could want. A mirror, coatrack, waste bin, everything has been taken into account. Even doors that open in the right direction.

If any questions arise, backup is available from our project team, who are on stand-by at our offices. There is no exhibition or trade fair venue in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany that we are not familiar with: we have contacts everywhere, and know our way around.



What went well? Where can we improve? We are eager for feedback and open to ideas. Our number one objective is to build lasting relationships with our customers, because there is nothing better than working and growing together.
Our goal is to be the best in our business. Interested? Contact us for an obligation-free appointment!


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