We reuse as much as 98% of the materials used in exhibitions. How? It’s actually fairly simple. All materials – walls, counters and so forth – are produced in our workshop by expert carpenters. You, the customer, rent those materials from us. In other words, you do not buy them. This allows us to reuse the same materials many times. And it’s cheaper for you, too, since renting is less expensive than buying!



Our goal is to build lasting relationships with our customers. Of course this does not mean that we expect you to sign an annual or other long-term contract with us. If you hire our support for multiple exhibitions, each of those exhibition participations is treated as a separate event. The design of your stand in one exhibition will not necessarily be the same in another. This keeps both us and you on our toes, making sure that we always get the most out of every exhibition.


In-house storage

We produce all materials in-house and store them in our own warehouse. Thanks to that, we are more flexible and do not need to depend on third parties. If you decide that you want to expand your exhibition stand at the very last minute, no problem: we have all the necessary materials in stock.


Furniture and decorations

This applies to furniture and decorations as well. Everything your stand needs, we have available. We treat our equipment and materials with great care, making sure that everything is always in the best possible condition. Quality matters to us! We transport everything in tailor-made boxes, so the risk of damage during transportation is zero. We will always treat both your and our own property with the greatest care: you can count on that.


Every design is unique

Although reuse is an important focus for us, every stand has its own unique style, appeal and feel. This is thanks to our designers, who are experts at capturing each customer’s unique DNA in their designs. Curious? Have a look at some of the projects that we are particularly proud of.


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